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No more roads. It is hard enough to maintain what we’ve got

Credit: Jupiter Images via SlateAmerica does not need more roads. We have enough pavement in the United States to at least cover the entire state of Georgia (61,000 square miles, and that is an old study). Enough is enough.

According to a recent article published by Slate, “the last thing America needs from [President] Trump’s infrastructure plan is more more roads.”

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Why does the presidential campaign season last so long?

www.shutterstock.comAn overwhelming majority of people in the United States of America have likely grown tired of the 2016 presidential election campaign. I’ve had dozens of conversations with people about politics in the past year, but most of them have been about the length of the campaign season, not about the candidates, issues or importance of the election itself.

Let’s reform the campaign seasons into a much smaller window and make our elected officials spend a greater percentage of their time in office doing their jobs instead of campaigning. All of that time wasted yammering about our problems would be better spent fixing them instead.

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