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Benefiting from ridding the world of cigarette butt waste, one filter at a time

Cigarette butts gathered at Belle IsleI’ve fought many battles over cigarette butts in my lifetime. As a kid, I used to hound my father when he’d toss his into the yard when he’d finished. I’d gather them and bring them by the handful. He didn’t like it and I don’t think I ever changed his behavior much. My dislike for cigarette butt litter has not wavered over the years — in fact, I think it has gotten worse.

My passion for removing cigarette butts has lead me to many cleanups where I’ve gathered them by the hundreds in places like the James River Park, Bryan Park, at traffic stops (drivers are the worst) and even along Virginia Dare (N.C. Route 12) in the Outer Banks. I’ve been known to tweet the license plate number of an automobile when I see a driver toss a cigarette butt out the window.  Continue reading

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Roadside trash getting in the way of enjoying Outer Banks paradise

Nags Head trashMy family was lucky enough to spend two weeks in the Outer Banks this summer — once in July and again in late August. We were lucky to have two fantastic weather weeks and great friends to join us.

But, it wasn’t all perfect. On our first trip, my wife and I biked about 80 miles, which we love to do on vacation. Each bike ride began in Nags Head around Mile 10 on NC12, the Virginia Dare Trail. The biking was great, but I was not happy with all of the roadside trash we saw throughout the neighborhoods and pathways between Kitty Hawk and Nags Head. I was disappointed, especially knowing that tourists like me were most likely to blame. Continue reading

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