Philip M. Riggan (Phil)
Mobile: 804-432-3088
Twitter: @RigganRVA
Instagram: @RigganRVA

2 responses to “Contact

  1. Alan Denison

    Hi Phil,
    I’m a long time James River trail runner and I had a couple issues nagging me and I didn’t know where to turn. My son, James, is familiar with your writing and passion for the river. He sent me info on your site. And after surveying it, I think I’m coming to the right guy.
    I don’t mind sharing the trails with bikers. It makes me happy to see them having fun and I know they’ll bring resources to help expand the trail system. But I have two observations. First is the increased use of the Huguenot Flatwater section from the bridge to Rattlesnake Creek. There are a couple of sections that stay muddy. The bikes are pumping up moisture. I think signs need to be added to close the trail when it’s wet like North Bank and Buttermilk. The next observation is the Slave Trail. The bikers have extended a trail a good ways east into a patch of woods. I love it. My concern is the section between 95 and the Manchester dock. There’s been some minor clearing going on and even a small tree cut down (I’m sure it was a handlebar hazard). I just think that eventually the city will do something with this historical area. I would hate to see it become an issue between the recreationists and the city. I think there may be enough room to have another path parallel. My last observation is the standing water under the new Huguenot Bridge, especially on the west side. I’m guessing no one foresaw the potential drainage problem and now’s there’s no money to fix it. The woods that are now perpetually wet and will eventually die.
    Thanks for all you do to promote the river! Take care, Alan

  2. Sharon North

    After all these years, why am I the last to know? LOL

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