Sharing the benefits of bike commuting in Richmond

Christopher Long and Ross Kimball (orange)In my latest column for the Richmond Times-Dispatch I wrote about bike commuting to work, something that I’ve personally committed to in 2016. I’m saving money, but more than anything, it just makes me happy!

I wrote about three cyclists in Richmond who have replaced many car trips with a bicycle. My daily commute is approximately 18 miles round trip, which takes about 30-35 minutes, compared to 20-25 minutes by car (often taking very similar routes).

In the column, I included one paragraph about myself too:

Since the start of this year, I’ve become a full-time bike commuter. I live 9 miles from my downtown office. I’ve biked through snow, rain and wind, and loved every minute of it. I’ve biked more than 1,200 miles in 2016, with 95 percent of them replacing car trips. I’ve dropped my parking deck fee, family gym membership, and lowered my vehicle’s fuel consumption for a savings of more than $170 a month. I’ve even lost 10 pounds.

I’ve biked more than 100 miles a week in seven of the past nine weeks, including the past five in a row. Feeling good about it too! My financial breakdown:

Timing myself with Strava has been a tremendous boost. Having the ability to measure my trips, map it out, even compare my efforts against other riders has been a boost for both my competitive side and my sense of adventure. Plus, every bike ride offers opportunities to play games and observe life:

Of course, it hasn’t all been perfect:

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