Post grad school blues: Job searches are hard

vcuwilderI earned my masters degree in urban planning from Virginia Commonwealth University three months ago. I finished my final project and course work in May, but it feels like much longer than that.

In many ways, a job search is tougher than taking classes. With grad school work, there was a defined course load with rubrics, scheduled meeting times and deadlines. I knew when to attend class, make appointments with clients, schedule lab work, research, write papers, etc. There was a certain amount of control built in to allow time to relax and breathe in between the hard work.

With a job search, I’m finding there is much less control. I’m at the mercy of job availability. I’m also at the mercy of my ability to keep up with the job search. I’ve got a great network of friends and contacts who are trying to help.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I still have a good job at the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I could not have accomplished all of this without the understanding of my employers and coworkers.

With my 23 years of media experience and four years of graduate studies, I’m prepared for my next career. I’m ready and willing. I haven’t yet found that ideal match, but it is out there.

My family and I want to stay in Richmond. My grad school classmates warned me not to limit myself to just the Richmond region. We love it here and this is where I want to work, live and play.

I’ve built up a good reputation and have a great network in Richmond. I volunteer here and want to continue making Richmond a better place. I’d like to be able to commit more time to the Richmond Community ToolBank, James River Advisory Council, Friends of James River Park, James River Outdoor Coalition, RVA MORE and more, but getting my career settled takes precedence.

The last few months of 2015 are shaping up to be quite busy, with the Richmond 2015 cycling races in September. Who knows where life will take me after that, but I’m ready for some resolution and a chance to take advantage of my time at VCU.

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