Picking up a bucket of litter for the Trash Bucket Challenge

I love picking up litter. Unfortunately, there is plenty of it to keep a guy like me busy. This morning, it only took 10 minutes to pick up trash at the Huguenot Bridge and along the James River and Kanawha Canal, which means I met the ‪Trash Bucket Challenge‬ passed to me by Henrico County Recreation & Parks.

Thanks to my daughter, Carly, for shooting the video and helping pick up trash, which included recyclable materials, road garbage and plenty of cigarette butts.

I now challenge my man Andrew Freiden of NBC 12, my friends at Sports Backers and Jeff Majer and his folks at River City Segways to get their own bucket of trash. They have a week to pick up a bucket of trash (I’d be glad to help again!).

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