New book: ‘Discovering Richmond Monuments’

Cover of Discovering Richmond MonumentsI am the photographer for a new book about Richmond statues, monuments, markers and sculpture entitled “Discovering Richmond Monuments: A History of River City Landmarks Beyond the Avenue.”

Unlike much has been written about the Civil War heroes that line the world famous Monument Avenue, the pantheon of tributes at the Capitol, the outstanding accumulation at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the noteworthy tombs at Hollywood Cemetery this volume discovers nearly 100 honors that are positioned elsewhere throughout the city.

Reviewing these often overlooked contributors lining the streets, parks and buildings of Richmond gives insight to the development of one of the south’s leading cities and how it rose from a tiny spot at the falls to become a leader in manufacturing, the arts, and finance and gain the status of “Wall Street of the South.”

The book will have more than 90 photos and information on more than 120 statues around the city of Richmond, Virginia, and should be available in early May, please stay tuned and thank you for your support. The author is Bob Layton; photographer, Phil Riggan; sculptor Paul DiPasquale wrote the forward.

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