Richmond Statues: Working on a book!

I’ve agreed to contribute many of the photos of Richmond’s statues I’ve taken over the years to a new book that will focus on the lesser known statues around the city.

If you’ve been following my statues and monuments page on my Richmond on the James blog over the years, you would know I’ve put in the time to explore and study sculpture all over Richmond. More details will come out soon, but I’m hoping that by Summer or Fall of 2013, I’ll have a book to offer! My passions for Richmond’s history could pay off and I’m excited to have the opportunity to publish a book and gain that experience.

In case you know me well, I haven’t given up on the effort I began two years ago to write a Richmond James River guidebook, but when my partner backed out and I got busy with my duties at VCU as I work on Masters degree in Urban Planning, I put that book on hold.

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